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Delaware County residents Ruth Moton, Leah Hoopes, and Gregory Stenstrom, have filed a suit against former Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar, Delaware County, the Delaware County Board of Elections, and more than a dPlaintiffs have sued 40 Delaware County officials/employees as well as the former Secretary of State for conspiring to destroy, secrete, and hide numerous election law violations to prevent the discovery of the November 3, 2020 election law violations and fraud that took place during the election and certification process.

Exhibit LL

“All the “Return Sheets” are fucked up” – Tom Gallagher, Delaware County employee, in a conversation with James Allen, the Director of Elections for Delaware County. Return Sheets are official election documents containing precinct vote totals, machine serial number data, and blank ballot information for chain of custody. Allen responds back, ”I know there’s nothing we can do about that.. do you think they are straight anywhere in the fucking country?” Allen then shakes his head no and says, “Trust me.”

Exhibit HH

On May 27, 2021, James Savage, the Chief Supervisor of the Voting Machine Warehouse in Delaware County and James Allen, Director of Elections for Delaware County are seen discussing the recent Right-To-Know request. Allen is directing Savage to get rid of “the pads and the second ballot scanners”. Savage responds by saying, “we can’t talk about that anymore.” Allen asks why, and Savage responds with, “It’s a felony.” Officials needed to get rid of the pads and scanners to prevent additional Right to Know Requests from discovering that the November 3, 2020 election data could not be reconciled when machine data was compared to the election documents and scanner tapes.

Exhibit X

A Right to Know (RTK) request was filed in the Spring of 2021. The Request specifically asked for copies of all return sheets, including the backs and front be scanned. A Right-To- Know request was filed in the Spring of 2021. The Request specifically asked for copies of all Return Sheets, including the backs and front to be scanned. Tom Gallagher is seen on video on June, 3, 2021 discussing and conspiring to hide, secrete, and destroy November 3, 2020 election data responsive to the request filed in spring of 2020. . The whistleblower asks, “Are we copying what’s on the back, the notes, or no?”. Gallagher responds, “We’re not gonna scan what’s on the back or the notes”. Another employee of Delaware County, James (“Ziggy”) Ziegelhoffer chimes in and says, “Just the front of the return sheets and the tapes.”. Gallagher goes on to say, “There must be a way to set it [the scanner] up so that it only does the front”.

Exhibit Q

Ziggy is seen talking to the whistleblower in the basement of the Voting Machine Warehouse. He is explaining that there were so many issues, due to shared ballot scanners amongst different precincts, at one polling location, that there was “no way you could reconcile.” If there is “no way you can reconcile” and “the Return Sheets are fucked up”, how did Delaware County certify the 2020 General Election?

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